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20th Feb 2020, 12:00 AM

Rules & Info


Kinetic Kimo 20th Feb 2020, 12:00 AM
I started Speechless as a means of improving my artistic skill (and learning to use a recently purchased tablet), and of course because I enjoy nuzlockes and have wanted to start one that I share one with the community for a while now.

I chose Fire Red for the nostalgia of the Kanto region, and then I tweaked a few things to mix up the game-play. (including my starter pokemon! *gasp*)I might tweak a few story-related events as well.

Lastly, I thought up a whole new kind of self-imposed challenge for the development of Speechless, a sort of artist's challenge; All the characters in this comic cannot speak with words. Symbols, gestures, emoticons, and basic onamonapia is all fine. Expressions such as "Oh" or "Aww" or "Haha" are okay, words written on signs or books are fine, and using words for in-game notifications like [Found Potion!] are all acceptable, just not...speech.

That being said, feel free to tell me what you think these characters are trying to say. If all goes well, it'll be somewhat close to what I was thinking at the time. For your convenience, and so as to not be completely unreasonable, when posing on the Nuzlocke Foums I will write a transcription in a spoiler with each new page that contains a translation of the intended dialogue for the previous page. I'll find some way to incorporate this into the page navigation in the first post, not sure how yet, lol.

Updates will be sporadic at best as I draw between work hours and as energy and inspiration allows. For context, the first page took me a little over a month to complete. Please be patient with me!

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